Well-Being Corner

Well-being is very important to us at Folkestone Wholefoods. Our ‘Well-being Corner’ is located at the bottom of the shop, by the till.

Medical Herbalist Lynda Jones offers ‘herbal pharmacy’ drop-in times where advice on natural medicine and diet is available free of charge, for simple, self-limiting ailments. She has over 20 years’ experience of helping people with professionally prescribed herbal medicine, has a first class BSc (Hons) degree in the subject and a successful practice for 1:1 consultations for more complex presentations. Further details of Lynda’s experience and practice can be found at www.lyndajoneskent.co.uk

This service operates each Thursday between 10am – 1.30pm and the 1 st Sunday
of each month 10am-4pm

Herbal Apothecary

Our Herbal Apothecary is stocked with around 50 different herbal tinctures, syrups and
distilled herbal waters supplied, and then refilled (to protect our wonderful planet) in pretty
glass bottles. We also have a selection of medicinal dried herbs dispensed by the scoopful
into paper bags, or your own jars. The tinctures and dried herbs are top class medicinal
grade, from UK companies who supply professional Medical Herbalists. They are almost all
organic with a small exception if it’s not possible to source responsibly.

There are guidelines and responsibilities associated with health advice. Our staff can sell the products but cannot give advice, thus, please be patient if they express their limitations. If in any doubt call in during the ‘drop in’ times (see above) and catch Lynda in between serving for a clearer picture. You will also find Klara Darkly serving in the shop on Wednesdays, who also has a wealth of expert knowledge in natural health.

Self Limiting Complaints

These are most easily described as things that would eventually clear up on their own but you need a helping hand, like colds, coughs, hay-fever, short term insomnia, tummy upsets, aches and pains, exam nerves, travel sickness, occasional head-aches. This list is not exclusive so if you’re not sure do pop by. Those with underlying health issues or taking other medicines will most likely need to speak to Lynda who will advise whether there is something simple to try. A private consultation may be more appropriate in some circumstances. www.lyndajoneskent.co.uk for more information on Lynda’s Consulting Services.


We also stock carefully selected supplements, from ethically and environmentally friendly
companies as well as foodstuffs helpful in maintaining good health.
Topical products for the likes of sprains, cuts, bites, skin conditions etc can also be found