Our Products

In our small store you will find a very wide range of products!


We have a daily delivery of delicious local bread from Dockers, Folkestone’s local artisan brewery and bakery.

Pulses, Beans, Nuts and Dried Fruit

We are a whole foods shop after all! Where possible our dried food is grown in the uk. All our own-brand packaging is biodegradable.


Fairtrade, slavery free, vegan, non-vegan, conscious producers, all yummy!

Sauces, Spreads, Nut Butters, Jams and Honey

Low food mile products, fairtrade, vegan and artisan brands. Helping you create great dishes and cakes!

Flours, Spices, Meat Alternatives.

Gluten free options, organic, convenient and flavourful.


Organic soups, coconut milk, tomatoes and saucy baked beans for an easy lunch.

Freezer and Chilled

Get your pies, ‘Baycon’ and vegan cheeses here! And don’t forget your vegan ice cream.

Household Cleaning and Refills

Natural, biodegradable, plastic free. Recycled, reusable and refillable – all the R’s!

Toiletries and Creams

Everything you need in your bathroom… plus it’s planet friendly.

Fairtrade Gifts and Home Collections

From candles, to baskets to jewellery. All ethical and fair traded.